IMPACT WRESTLING - 2013 - On set with Hulk Hogan



IMPACT WRESTLING - 2013 - Wedding with Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, Taz, Tommy Dreamer


IMPACT WRESTLING - 2013 - With Bully Ray



IMPACT WRESTLING - 2012 - Wedding Eric Young & ODB





IMPACT WRESTLING - 2012 - With Eric Young

BIG MIKE (2011) - A&E Pilot
(In no particular order: Rick Wood, Bob Salmons, Trevis Waters, Antonio Sims, Chris Cavallaro, Daryl Darby, Dawn Van Malleghem, Madeline Moran, Chris Cavallaro)

BAD MOM (2011) - ABC Pilot
(RJ Stallman, Chris Cavallaro)


sharon gless

BURN NOTICE - SEASON 4 - with Sharon Gless

secret service

BURN NOTICE - SEASON 4 - Secret Service


Chris Cavallaro
Best Supporting Actor
2008 -  Crystal Reel Awards
Film: "Terror Inside"

2008 -  Crystal Reel Awards


2008 -  Crystal Reel Awards with
Jozef Lenders, Director, Writer, Editor.
Holding award for Best Supporting Actor
Film: "Terror Inside"


2008 -  Crstal Reel Awards with
James Best ~aka~ Roscoe P. Coletrane

On set with Tanya Memme & Joe Abby

On set with Corey Feldman

2009 - Shooting the breeze.

2009 - another version of me.

The Knight's Tour (2008) - Me looking to kill me.


The Knight's Tour (2008) - Me looking to kill me.

The Knight's Tour (2008) - Me looking to kill me yet some more.


Chillin' with JC - Sports Prophet (2007)


2007 - On set with Troy McClain of The Apprentice (Season 1)


Bring It On: In It to Win It (2008)

Shooting, day 1: Sydney White and the Seven Dorks (2008)


On the set of The Knight's Tour (2007)


On the set of 2 Jerks (2007)


On the set of Dasavatharam (2007) with Kamal Haasan
L > R: Kamal Haasan, Me, Jason Tripp, Brewier Welch, Ted Chaski, ?, Shan, Nathena, Kylie Koscoe


On the set of Robodoc (2007) with David Faustino



On the set of Psychic Detectives
Is this the true definition of a lady killer?

On the set of Skeleton Stories (2006)


On the set of Dr. G: Medical Examiner (2006)


On the set of Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)
(Can you find me? Where's Waldo?)












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